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Check Out These Awesome NMI Optional Features!

Check Out These Additional Features of NMI!

  • Virtual Terminal
    Virtual Terminals allow you to use a browser from anywhere to process credit cards. 
  • Accepted Currencies
    Over 125 processor integrations for USD, EU, GBP, AU and CAD. 
  • Payments
    Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB and Apple Pay. 
  • Customer Support
    Full customer support via phone and email. 
  • Recurring Billing
    Schedule the billing and the gateway handles everything else. 
  • Multiple MID’s
    Manage multiple MID’s and consolidate reporting. 
  • Product Manager
    Manage and unify product SKU’s in the Virtual Terminal. 
  • Third-Party Integrations
    150+ shopping cart integrations and 125+ processor integrations. 
  • Special Integrations
    Seamless with Click Funnels
  • ATRI
    Load balance your MID’s depending on price points, volume, or the custom criteria of your choice. NMI’s Advanced Transaction Routing Interface (ATRI) is a solid tool for businesses with multiple merchant accounts.
  • Online
    The perfect solution for accepting credit cards and electronic payments. 
  • Retail
    Use SwIPe™ Point-of-Sale application alongside compatible card readers. 
  • Mobile
    The iProcess™ application is made for Apple and Android devices. 
  • Apple Pay
    Accept Apple Pay for iOS mobile applications as an additional option. 
  • MOTO & Direct Marketing
    Payments accepted manually via phone or mail order. 
  • Integration Flexibility
    Full customization and control within mobile applications. 
  • PCI Compliance
    CertifyPCI™ is one of the best tools offered to protect your data. 
  • Fraud Prevention
    NMI’s rules-based iSpyFraud™ stops fraudsters in their tracks. 
  • Sensitive Data Protection
    Three-Step Redirect API™ ensures secure data transfer. 
  • Customer Data
    Lock customer data with NMI’s Customer Vault secure environment

At Gateway Funnel Pros, we offer a wealth of features for a simple, low price

Your LOW-COST Pricing Includes…

The ‘CUSTOMER VAULT‘ feature – fully enabled in your NMI control panel. It is a SAFE and SECURE way of storing your customers’ payment information….. helping your rebills stay PCI COMPLIANT while allowing ‘unlimited’ one-click funnel up-sells, subscriptions, and so much more!



Billed monthly, no setup fee.

… and only 10¢ per transaction

If a transaction requires the Customer Vault, there will be an additional 10¢ per transaction

No Additional Gateway Percentage Fees

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