The Preferred Payment Gateway Alternative FOR INTERNET ENTREPRENEURS

If you sell a regulated product or are simply looking for a Stripe payment gateway alternative, you may be asking yourself …..

Yes! Not only does ClickFunnels work seamlessly with NMI… it works amazingly well!

Although this page focuses on NMI for ClickFunnels, we integrate with dozens of solutions, including nearly every major funnel builder and shopping cart, using various solutions, including high-risk Authorize.Net merchant accounts.

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Need an NMI account for ClickFunnels? Check out these available features:

Check Out These Additional Features of NMI!

  • Virtual Terminal
    Virtual Terminals allow you to use a browser from anywhere to process credit cards. 
  • Accepted Currencies
    Over 125 processor integrations for USD, EU, GBP, AU and CAD. 
  • Payments
    Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, JCB and Apple Pay. 
  • Customer Support
    Full customer support via phone and email. 
  • Recurring Billing
    Schedule the billing and the gateway handles everything else. 
  • Multiple MID’s
    Manage multiple MID’s and consolidate reporting. 
  • Product Manager
    Manage and unify product SKU’s in the Virtual Terminal. 
  • Third-Party Integrations
    150+ shopping cart integrations and 125+ processor integrations. 
  • Special Integrations
    Seamless with Click Funnels
  • ATRI
    Load balance your MID’s depending on price points, volume, or the custom criteria of your choice. NMI’s Advanced Transaction Routing Interface (ATRI) is a solid tool for businesses with multiple merchant accounts.
  • Online
    The perfect solution for accepting credit cards and electronic payments. 
  • Retail
    Use SwIPe™ Point-of-Sale application alongside compatible card readers. 
  • Mobile
    The iProcess™ application is made for Apple and Android devices. 
  • MOTO & Direct Marketing
    Payments are accepted manually via phone or mail order. 
  • Integration Flexibility
    Full customization and control within mobile applications. 
  • PCI Compliance
    CertifyPCI™ is one of the best tools offered to protect your data. 
  • Fraud Prevention
    NMI’s rules-based iSpyFraud™ stops fraudsters in their tracks. 
  • Sensitive Data Protection
    Three-Step Redirect API™ ensures secure data transfer. 
  • Customer Data
    Lock customer data with NMI’s Customer Vault secure environment
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At Gateway Funnel Pros, we offer a wealth of features for a simple, low-price

Your LOW-COST Pricing Includes…

The ‘CUSTOMER VAULT‘ feature – fully enabled in your NMI control panel. It is a SAFE and SECURE way of storing your customers’ payment information….. helping your rebills stay PCI COMPLIANT while allowing ‘unlimited’ one-click funnel up-sells, subscriptions, and so much more!



Billed monthly, no setup fee.

… and only 10¢ per transaction

If a transaction requires the Customer Vault, there will be an additional 10¢ per transaction

No Additional Gateway Percentage Fees

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