Accept credit cards seamlessly within Your funnel builder or shopping cart

Need to take payments online? Gateway Funnel Pros can help. Our payment gateways have just about any feature you may need – Including: high-risk merchant accounts, one-click upsell support, automatic card-on-file updating, recurring billing, subscription processing, and one-on-one integration assistance. 

We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs thrive and would love to help you! We can open a new payment processing account for you or add your existing merchant account to an easily integrated payment gateway that works with nearly any sales funnel or website builder.

It’s time to let Gateway Funnel Pros set up your new payment gateway

If you have been searching online for a new payment gateway, we understand the whole thing can be confusing.

At Gateway Funnel Pros, we aim to make accepting credit card payments online as simple as possible with real support from a real person!

Whether you use ClickFunnels, CartHero, HighLevel, Shopify, WooCommerce, or a different platform, we can probably help you take credit cards online – even if Stripe and PayPal turned you down for being “high-risk.”

We are the recommended NMI solution for CartHero and ClickFunnels’ preferred NMI payment gateway provider for a reason. We know payment gateways, high-risk merchant accounts, and e-commerce integrations better than the rest.

The payment gateway features you need to process credit cards profitably

Our solutions maintain the credit card processing features and services you need – including sticky one-click upsells, recurring billing, and subscription payment processing – plus a secure, well-established, automatic card updater service so you never lose a “card on file” recurring payment due to an expired credit card again!

Terminated by Stripe, PayPal, or Square? Call in the Pros.

We understand the stress. We’ve seen it 1000 times – a payment gateway shutdown CAN BE DEVASTATING. The fact is that Stripe, PayPal, and Square shut down honest, ethical businesses for MANY reasons. Too many times, entrepreneurs get left with no way to accept credit cards…no way to get paid… no way to make money – all due to selling a product or service considered “high-risk.”

If Stripe, PayPal, or Square has shut your funnel or e-commerce website’s payment gateway down, you can learn more about your options by clicking here, or you can get started with new payment processing right away. 

Need a new payment gateway and merchant account?

Gateway Funnel Pros knows how to set up new gateways, merchant accounts, and backup merchant accounts. We even offer a streamlined echeck service!

Visit our New Merchant Account Setup page to get started today!

Already have a merchant account and need a gateway only?

If you have a merchant account and only need a gateway to connect it to ClickFunnels, CartHero, HighLevel, or another e-commerce solution, we can help. We will quickly set you up with a gateway-only account and help you integrate it!

Need a payment gateway that works with ClickFunnels and works with your products?

If you use ClickFunnels, our gateway only for ClickFunnels solution will have you up and running in as little as one day!

We also help with ClickFunnels merchant accounts. Remember, Stripe, PayPal, or a high-risk ClickFunnels merchant account may seem the same, but without the proper payment processing, you are putting your business at risk.

What does RUSSELL BRUNSON, the co-founder of ClickFunnels, say about Gateway Funnel Pros’ fearless leader, Alex Roy?

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We help with alternative payment gateways for most software and shopping carts!

We support entrepreneurs who sell on ClickFunnels, HighLevel, CartHero, PipeLinePro, Shopify, WooCommerce, and dozens of other shopping carts.

HighLevel payment gateways and merchant accounts

We help agencies and businesses that need a high-risk merchant account or payment gateway that integrates easily with HighLevel.

CartHero payment gateways and merchant accounts

We have known and respected the folks at CartHero for years. We provide red-carpet service for CartHero clients that need a payment gateway or merchant account. Visit our NMI for CartHero sign-up page to begin!

PipeLinePRO payment gateways and merchant accounts

Visit our PipeLinePRO info page to learn about stable, cost-effective alternative PipeLinePRO payment gateways specially designed for PipeLinePRO entrepreneurs!

Shopify and WooCommerce payment gateways and merchant accounts

We go beyond funnel builders and HighLevel agency solutions. We also help entrepreneurs with alternatives to Stripe and PayPal for Shopify, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce – to name a few.

Payment processing that works for you

We want to help you put the best solutions in place for your business – solutions that suit YOUR funnel or website’s needs – solutions that allow you ROOM TO GROW! 

Need a high-risk merchant account?

We help e-commerce entrepreneurs accept credit cards for all kinds of products and services, including nutritional supplements, health devices, wellness systems, coaching, online courses, mastermind tickets, CBD, smoking accessories – you name it, we can probably help!

Don’t just take our word for it…
Listen to LIZ BENNY in the video below!

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What makes Gateway Funnel Pros different than other payment gateway providers?

We want to help you set up your payment processing right the first time – while guiding you away from costly mistakes.

We will become your payment processing partner and your business’s advocate. Simply put… we care about your success!

So.. what’s next?

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