Accept payments for nearly any industry, seamlessly within ClickFunnels.  

Open a new merchant account or add your existing one. 

Multiple accounts, high-risk options, sticky one-click upsells, and one on one support.  

What does RUSSELL BRUNSON, the co-founder of ClickFunnels, say about Gateway Funnel Pros’ fearless leader, Alex Roy?

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You’ve made a great decision by choosing Click Funnels. Simplicity, robust features, flexible payment gateway options, and room to grow are key to any world-class funnel-building system, and ClickFunnels has them all.

We have helped hundreds of ClickFunnels entrepreneurs thrive and would love to help you!

It’s time to let the Pros set up your new ClickFunnels payment gateway.

So, now it’s time for you to set up your new ClickFunnels payment gateway … We truly understand the whole thing can be confusing…. really… Well… we understand it was confusing – until now!

We are ClickFunnels’ recommend NMI payment gateway provider

Terminated by Stripe, PayPal, or Square? Call in the Pros.

We get it. We’ve seen it 1000 times and it CAN BE DEVASTATING. The fact is that Stripe, PayPal, and Square shut down TONS of honest, ethical businesses for ALL KINDS of reasons. Too many times, entrepreneurs get left in the dark with no way to accept credit cards…no way to get paid… no way to make money.

If Stripe, PayPal, or Square has shut your funnel down, you can learn more about your options by clicking here

Gateway Funnel Pros knows how to set up new gateways, merchant accounts, and even backup merchant accounts.

Need a payment gateway that works with ClickFunnels and works with you?

That’s where we here at Gateway Funnel Pros come in. We help with ClickFunnels merchant accounts. Stripe, PayPal, and a high-risk Click Funnels merchant account may seem the same, but without the proper payment processing, you are putting your business at risk.

We want to help you put the best solutions in place for your business – solutions that suit YOUR funnel needs – solutions that have ROOM TO GROW! 

Visit our Create a Gateway page to begin!

How Gateway Funnel Pros Works

We help ClickFunnels entrepreneurs accept credit cards for nutritional supplements, health and wellness, coaching, mastermind – you name it, we can probably help!

Don’t just take our word for it…
Listen to LIZ BENNY in the video below!

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What makes Gateway Funnel Pros different?

We want to help you set up your payment processing right the first time – while guiding you away from costly mistakes during the process.

We become your partners and care about your success!

So.. What’s next?

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