PipelinePRO: Alternative payment gateways

PipeLinePRO is an all-in-one marketing automation and sales funnel software that helps business owners create a website, generate interest from prospects, update blogs, manage a calendar, and seamlessly convert interested parties into customers who can then checkout within the PipeLinePRO platform.

Unfortunately for many internet entrepreneurs, the most common payment gateways, including Stripe, Square, and PayPal, can restrict or even prohibit using their service to process credit cards for many legal – yet high-risk – products and services.

Alternatives to Stripe, Square, and Paypal that work with PipeLinePRO

Online marketers that sell regulated, restricted, or otherwise “high-risk” products and services often learn that Stripe, Square, and PayPal are not a workable solution just before – or worse yet – just after they launch.

Creating a website, implementing a sales funnel, building a team, honing your marketing, and spending your start-up cash on ads – only to find out that you cannot get paid – can be catastrophic to new businesses. This is where Gateway Funnel Pros comes in. We specialize in providing stable, affordable alternative credit card processing for high-risk and regulated businesses.

Our PipeLinePRO payment gateway services cater to many industries – including online coaches, web-based courses, internet marketers, and nutritional supplement companies.

Why choose Gateway Funnel Pros for your PipeLinePRO payment processing?

At Gateway Funnel Pros, we understand the needs of PipeLinePRO entrepreneurs. Our payment processing and integration experts provide high-risk payment gateways and merchant account solutions that incorporate seamlessly with PipeLinePRO.

We assist businesses with specially underwritten high-risk Authorize.Net credit card merchant accounts that provide stable, affordable, full-service payment processing that works for your business.

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PipeLinePRO alternative payment gateways by Gateway Funnel Pros

How to accept high-risk payments using PipeLinePRO

Our team of experts can help you tailor your approval to your exact products and services, ensuring that your business runs smoothly. We can even hop on a screen share and help you integrate Authorize.Net as a software-only solution to connect your specially underwritten merchant account to PipeLinePRO.

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How to add a high-risk Authorize.Net payment gateway to PipeLinePRO

At Gateway Funnel Pros, our high-risk, friendly Authorize.Net accounts are flexible and personalized. Our team of experts will help you set up an affordable, stable, and reliable high-risk merchant account integrated into AuthNet on the back end.

With our Authorize.Net solution, you can process payments in PipeLinePRO with ease, even if you have been declined or shut down by other payment gateways – such as Stripe or PayPal – because you sell a product or service they do not allow.

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Integrating Authorize.Net account into PipeLinePRO – let us do the heavy lifting!

To add a new high-risk Authorize.Net merchant account to PipeLinePRO, simply head to your PipeLinePRO dashboard. You can set Authorize.Net as the default and enter either test or live credentials there.

For our PipeLinePRO high-risk Authorize.Net clients, we like to schedule a free integration call. This way, you can easily add Authorize.Net to your PipeLinePRO system without fear of making a technical error.

Note that there are limitations regarding which areas can be set to default to Authorize.Net. You can read the PipeLinePRO support documentation on Authorize.Net here: https://help.pipelinepro.co/article/details/dcHsvuHNOwPyuWDJUXYv

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Our commitment to high-risk processing for PipeLinePRO users

With a focus on innovation, automation, and recurring revenue, PipeLinePRO is the topic of countless online testimonials and reviews – for good reason. Yet many run into roadblocks when setting up payment processing.

Gateway Funnel Pros is committed to helping PipeLinePRO users overcome their payment processing challenges. We offer a stable, affordable, and reliable alternative to traditional payment gateways. Our solutions are tailored to your exact business needs, ensuring that you can focus on growing your profits without worrying about payment processing issues.

Start processing credit cards on PipeLinePRO with Gateway Funnel Pros

If you are a PipeLinePRO user looking for an alternative payment gateway that is stable, affordable, and reliable, look no further than Gateway Funnel Pros. Our team of experts offers tailored payment processing solutions that work seamlessly with PipeLinePRO.

Whether you are an online coach, a web-based course provider, or a nutritional supplement company, our payment gateway options, such as custom-tailored Authorize.Net merchant accounts, can help you process payments with ease.

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