Expanded Native Merchant Account Integration for ClickFunnels
Need to add your existing bank or processor merchant account to Click Funnels?

No problem, we can help!
Gateway Funnel Pros allows you to easily set up your existing merchant account to work within ClickFunnels quickly and easily while maintaining awesome Click Funnels features like One Click Upsells!
Below are just a few of the dozens of merchant account providers we can add to your ClickFunnels site:

Wells Fargo
Bank of America
First Data

Affordable ClickFunnels payment gateway integration for almost any merchant account! Don't see your processor? No problem, just give us a call at 833-227-7671 or contact us here.

Learn more about our fantastic preferred Click Funnels solution, and features like PCI compliance, recurring billing, multiple merchant account transaction routing and more here

• NMI GATEWAY Including the customer vault for simple PCI compliant one-click upsells!
• Only $20 a month, includes “The Vault”
• 10¢ per transaction
• If a transaction uses the Customer Vault, there is only a small 10¢ per transaction additional fee
• No Percentage Fees
Ready to get started? Click Here or call us at 833-227-7671
Don't just take our word for it ... Listen to RUSSELL BRUNSON in the video below!
Don't just take our word for it ... Listen to LIZ BENNY in the video below!

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NMI Gateway to your Click Funnels account

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NMI Gateway to your ClickFunnels account

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What does Alex Hormozi have to say?
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  • Seamlessly Integrates with the Awesome Click Funnels System!
  • Easily Plug In Your Existing Merchant Account!
  • Have Multiple Merchant Accounts!
    Access all of your accounts from one gateway login. Balance product routing, merchant accounts, and volume limits easily. You can't do that with any gateway!
  • Be Prepared - Back Up Enabled!
    IF your merchant account shuts you down (yes, it happens) simply switch to your back-up and never lose a sale.
  • Fraud Protection!
    Set the "risk" level you're comfortable with, and protect yourself without losing good sales.
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