Have More Than Two Merchant Accounts? Add them to ClickFunnels!

You already know the benefits of using ClickFunnels to market your business and process payments online.

However, some difficulties are hard to get around when selling anything online – especially when it comes to setting up a ClickFunnels payment gateway that can handle your multiple merchant accounts.

We know just how annoying it can be, and it can leave you spending ages trying to find a solution that routes your credit card transactions to the merchant account that works best for you.

The good news is that we have a solution!

We’ll integrate the NMI payment gateway with ClickFunnels for you, giving you simple, immediate access to a wide range of fantastic features that can help you boost the efficiency and safety of your e-commerce funnel.

Boost Your Funnel Through the ATRI NMI Gateway Feature

The NMI gateway solution we’ll set up for you gives you some great features and abilities:

  • Access all your accounts from one gateway login (no more logging into multiple gateway accounts to manage your merchant accounts).
  • Manage brand and product routing, multiple merchant accounts, and volume limits with ease (no need to combine data from different account access points – it’s all there).

All of this is made possible due to ATRI NMI load balancing.

Boost your funnel through the ATRI NMI gateway feature

By balancing your product sales through different merchant accounts from within one payment gateway, you can easily align products that have various associated risks with the appropriate merchant accounts.

Merchant account routing flexibility will help you boost not only the safety of your overall business, but you’ll also be able to get more money out of your sales by routing lower-risk brands and higher-risk products through the merchant accounts that handle these transactions the best.

Additional Features for Optimizing Your Funnel

As an e-commerce entrepreneur, you’re ready to grow your business exponentially. However, if you’re seeing a dramatic increase in new customers, or maybe you’re running subscription or membership sales with recurrent billing, you need to manage customer data carefully.

With NMI, complying with PCI requirements is more simplified since they provide secure data protection and a secure storage area: the Customer Vault. 

Start Growing Your Business Safely and More Effectively

Are you ready to start managing your multiple merchant accounts with NMI to help truly make your website’s profitability take off? Of course, you are!

If you need both a merchant account and the NMI gateway, that’s no problem! Simply click the link, and we’ll start working as soon as you get in touch.

Do you already have payment processing but need a payment gateway to run multiple merchant accounts more successfully?

Get started by visiting our create a gateway page, or call us at 1.833.227.7671, and we can sign you up right over the phone and answer any questions.

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